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Oversized sports watches in oversized format: TW Steel Grandeur Tech watches

TW Steel has only been on the market since 2005, but has long since made a name for itself with its courage to grow and self-confident statements. One part of the Dutch founder duo, Ton Cobelens, takes over the creative part and already designed the iconic first four models. His partner and son, Jordy Cobelens, is the one who recognized the desire for watches with attitude and ensures that the brand continues to spread. Together they are a perfect team and work energetically on the development of ever new statement watches. The TW Steel Grandeur Tech is one of those and the epitome of the power and audacity that make up the Dutch watch brand. Read more

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Between factory and sports field: TW Steel Grandeur Tech

The size and power of the TW Steel Grandeur Tech make a statement that is reinforced by eye-catching design elements based on rivets. The design is reminiscent of steel construction and factories, of hard work and strength. Indexes glowing in the dark as well as hands and hands, making one think of urbanity: a watch that attracts attention even when night falls suits a city that never sleeps. The TW Steel Grandeur Tech always attracts attention. The rubber strap, the color scheme that plays with blue and red elements and the stopwatch function add a sporty touch to the TW Steel Grandeur Tech. This timepiece fits a wearer who is tough and confident enough to stand out. The watches can be perfectly combined with sporty clothing, but can also be worn in contrast to business clothing.

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