How Much does it cost to hire Back-end Developer in India?

Back-end developers as the name suggests are the backbone of any project or website. He essentially leadsto brings design and functionality of your website to life. A back-end developer uses back-end programming, server-side scripting and a typical mix of frameworks to build a structure that makes a website functional.

How much does it cost to hire back-end developer in India

Now, if you are looking to hire back-end developer, then you need to be absolutely sure of his or her development skills and experience, comfortability in working with APIs and most important of all a solid background in database.

Here is a list of expertise that you need to confirm before you hire back-end developer:

  • Well versed with variety of frameworks and security procedures
  • Can deliver scalable, reliable, well tested and documented server-side code
  • Should be familiar with cloud infrastructure and cloud providers
  • Proven experience with database management and data structures
  • Comfortable with web service technology
  • Knowledge of development methodologies is a must
  • Should be excellent in troubleshooting and debugging skills
  • Must have prior experience in any MVC framework

Cost factor to hire dedicated back-end developer differ in many aspects, lets see them all in detail:

  1. Scope – Scope is probably the biggest factor of any project that directly affects the cost to hire back-end developer. There is actually a lot of setup and coding that goes into setting up a back-end architecture. Database and Server/cloud resources are the key ingredients of any project’s scope. Data needs to be stored in correct manner be it on cloud or server and once database is built, it takes lot of time and is incredibly difficult to redesign or restructure. Server/Cloudresources come at higher price but you don’t need to pay high price for resources that you won’t require, this is where your hired developer can kick in and with the right cost-effective choice, its setup and integration. Each programming language has different
  2. Coding Platform – Not only IT sector has numerous back-end programming languages but all of them have their different hourly cost range. And also, the level of experience plays a major role oh hiring rates.
    3 types of level’s define the pay scale of every back-end developer for hire. Basic Back-end developer who can make minor changes in existing code will cost you somewhere around $35 to $50. An intermediate back-end developer will cost you around $50 to $100 and experienced full stack developer will come around from $75 to $150+ an hour.
  3. Type of work – This is also an important part that effects how much will it cost to hire a back-end developer. Every work can be divided into 3 main categories and as per it your developers hiring cost is calculated.
    Database fixing can take up to 10 or more hours, price for that will be $50 approx. for an hour. New development is more time consuming and depending on your requirement it can take anywhere from 10 to 150 hours of efforts and $50 to $120 is the price range to be considered for that. Adding anything to existing app or site will take less than 30 hours of efforts but the price would be same around $50 to $120.

Now based on the above price categorization, you must now be sure of what type of back-end developer you need. We at, have huge number of developers that specialize in different languages and domains. We are providing back-end developers for hire so that you can easily achieve system of your desire. Feel free to get in touch with us for better understanding of our back-end development services