What is AngularJS Development? and What are the Advantages of Hiring AngularJS Developer?

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April 3, 2019
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May 16, 2019

Do you know every Front-end web developer heavily rely on JavaScript (JS), which is further utilized to create an interactive and engaging website? This is further utilized and engaged in, by the developers, to create the awesome website, which we all see on the browsers.

But here one technology platform, which engages the frameworks and libraries from AngularJS, which streamlines and simplifies the complex code. When you Hire AngularJS Developer, then you create a promise to provide the exception interface with the business of development.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework and offers everything to set up the front-end of a web application, with an engaging modular approach in the web design.


AngularJS is a full-featured JavaScript framework, which has a simple aim to simplify the operation as much as possible. It is utilized in building dynamic, single page web apps (SPAs) and also, supports the Model View Controller (MVC) programming structure. Some of the known technology partners of Angular JS are Google, Virgin America, and HBO’s mobile site for iPad. Other highlights:

  • It is an open-source, front-end JavaScript framework
  • It is developed by Google
  • It has a library of JavaScript code, which is based on standard JS and HTML
  • It library needs minimal modifications
  • It can handle the heavy lifting of DOM manipulation and AJAX glue
  • It encourages the developer to use modular building blocks of JavaScript code
  • It further can be added to any HTML page with a <script> tag

Benefits of AngularJS Framework

Two Way Data Binding– Indeed it is one of the top-notch advantages offered by AngularJS. It further synchronizes the data between the model and the view components. Further, it turns the model single source of truth and stores the information and associated schemata coined, so no data is repeated and is stored exactly once. Remember, within two-way data binding, any update made to any data, does not reflect manually in the entire system but gets reflected on the model the view and vice versa.

Data binding advantages include:

  • Simple programming model
  • Error-free testability controller.
  • Reduce the amount of boilerplate code
  • Developers are free from writing code that syncs the model with the view and view of the model.
  • MVVM Architecture- AngularJS allows you with MVVM Architecture i.e. Model-View-View Model.
  • Writing Less Code- With AngularJS development it is easier to accomplish more with less, allowing developers to write less code, helping you in achieving more efficiency.
  • Unit Testing Ready- It is just for Test Driven Development (TDD). AngularJS allows the code to be written in JavaScript, which further ensures to improve the overall quality of software.

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