Why to Hire AngularJS Developer for Responsive Web App Development?

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March 12, 2019
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At first glance, you might notice (maybe even not) that there isn’t much difference between the Mobile responsive website and mobile application. They two are very connected and yet poles apart. To give you a live example “Facebook” is a mobile application whereas “Facebook Lite” is a responsive web app. Completely responsive websites that change accordingly to the screens they are used on also comes under a responsive web app genre. It will be a better idea to hire an AngularJS developer if you are looking forward to developing such a responsive web app for your business.

Modern jQuery is much more efficient, faster and easy to understand that it was before. Hence, developers prefer to switch over to ease the complex programming structure. JavaScript, the most dynamic, interpreted and multi-paradigm language used to build modern and dynamic web applications. Because of such advantages, many new frameworks are developed so you need to have better insight and good analysis to choose the best for your venture.

AngularJS is without a doubt leading open source framework. Be it a simple website or responsive web application or any sort of complex enterprise development for that matter, AngularJS has not only won the first position amongst all Front-end frameworks but nailed the battlefield of development.

Let’s look at some of the totally awesome and impressive reason because of which AngularJS is leading the responsive web industry and why it is a good idea to hire AngularJS developer:

  1. MVC Architecture

Model View Control is one of the must-have features if you are planning to develop dynamic web applications and AngularJS is based on the MVC model. AngularJS improves code quality by eliminating complexity to the root and it also gives separation of concerns to make flawless development.

      2. Boosts Testability of Website Application

With testing, you can get a perfect idea about how an app will work and perform in the future, but still one can never be sure about what problems might stem up in the future. With AngularJs, it is now possible to boost the testability of any web application. It also has a reputed community of developers that can help you find solutions in no time.

      3. Scalable and Secure responsive web pages

AngularJS is embraced by developers throughout the world due to its ability to display data in an appealing manner. Structure of AngularJS is robust and flexible which makes it pretty easy to implement third-party libraries and packages. With AngularJS, security expression evaluation is done very strictly by concerned developers.

      4. Reliable single page application

With AngularJS, it is relatively easy to develop fully responsive single page apps that can render with different devices and applications. It is easy to develop an eye catchy declarative user interface with AngularJS.

       5. Code Reusability

AngularJS is the pioneer of modern JavaScript Framework that can indeed build applications without much time to code, test and deploy. With the most powerful JavaScript Objects, HTML and dependency injection it can easily address real-time web development concerns.

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