Shower Head Extension Arms

Best Shower Head Extension Arms of 2020|Top 8 Picks


Most of us can’t manage real luxuries.

We’ll never drive around in a Lamborghini or stream across the Atlantic on an exclusive jet.

Below’s fortunately: you can manage deluxe. They just have to be small. Coffee?

I invest a couple of added bucks and obtain the fresh-roasted beans directly from Columbia. Socks?

I change them every six months and only obtain the comfiest of the comfortable.

Upgrading the little points that you deal with everyday can make life a great deal extra delightful. Shower head extensions are one of those points.

Instead of doing the shower dancing– bending your body to make the water strike every place– you can put your shower head in the really center of the shower and also make it simple to steer around the water flow. As opposed to craning your neck to fit beneath a shower head that kicks back your shoulders, you can have the regular experience of the water coming down to your head at a 45 degree angle. Once you install an expansion, you’ll wonder how you ever before lived without it.

Excellent news: you can pay for one! Shower arm expansions are fairly cost-effective, particularly for something that adds as much convenience and experimental value as this.

If you have a rainfall shower head, then you’ll definitely need an expansion to make the new head fit.

We’ve made the effort to select eight of our preferred shower head expansions and assessed them listed below: check them out as well as choose which one is going to upgrade your shower circumstance forever.

Downpour Head Extension Arms|Leading 3 Overview

Purelux 16″ Shower Extension

  • Strong Steel
  • Straightforward Design
  • Great for Rain Style Shower Heads

Flexible Shower Head by Aqua Elegante.

  • Easy to Maneuver.
  • Solid Steel.
  • Wonderful Brushed Nickel Color.

Delta Faucet UA902.

  • Sound Steel.
  • Easy and also Flexible.
  • Fantastic Affordability.

1. Delta Faucet UA902 The Best Shower Head Extension for 2020.

Showers are actually expected to be relaxing– the closest trait to a day spa see you’ll get that time. If you need to dip your back to match considering that your downpour scalp is extremely reduced, after that your expertise will probably feel a lot less like a day spa day than a bothersome workout.

What you need is a 10-inch shower scalp expansion.

This version coming from Delta moves up and out to offer plenty of space for even the tallest of folks. It places right to your wall, and also it teams up with nearly all showers.

Yet another terrific feature of this style: you can use it to install a rain can shower head (without positioning it to the ceiling). Just prolong it to your wanted span and elevation.

Made from bronze with a lovely sleek chrome appearance, this downpour expansion is actually the ideal choice for any individual that desires to improve their downpour circumstance.

2. Changeable Shower Head through Aqua Elegante.

Are you into the shower?

This is actually the absolute perfect downpour head expansion for a rainfall arrangement– it’s crafted to provide maximum water flow while expanding flat.

Although it is actually great for rain showers, this expansion will definitely operate well with a repaired or even hand-held models.

It’s crafted from oil-rubbed bronze, which is actually terrific for the look and performance of your shower. Bronze makes it possible for less area rubbing that metals, which means your water will definitely relocate through the expansion without dropping precious stress.

This is actually developed to be put up quickly. Only turn it on– no discouraging rounds with your tool collection or costly vacations coming from the plumbing technician. It even possesses the Teflon strip at no extra cost.

If you would like to use this unit outdoors, you can do therefore without thinking about rust. It’s made to manage all the problems that air and water can easily supply. Install it close to your pool for a very easy rinse-off, or even put it on your seaside house without a problem for the salted air.

Most importantly, this features a five-year warranty. You’ve acquired absolutely nothing to shed, offer it a chance and view just how much extra pleasurable your showers become.


3. Purelux 16″ Shower Extension.

At 16 ins, this is one of the lengthiest extensions you’ll locate on the market. This is great for somebody who definitely wishes to check out the shower room– no more being actually constrained the wall surface.

Similar to the design above, this is actually geared for rainfall bath heads. It’s the perfect complement to the luxury rain shower scalp offered throughPurelux, yet it manages any sort of type of precipitations shower.

It’s made from stainless-steel as well as comes in an elegant brushed nickel appearance. This is actually a streamlined, versatile appeal that will match any kind of enhancing style. It is actually additionally quite heavy-duty as well as may be depended on to last a number of years without corroding or compromising.

This design includes a right-angle design, and also it will reduce your downpour head by 3 inches.

4. Purelux High Arc Shower Arm.

There are regular rainfall showerheads– the ones that seem like a delicate springtime shower– and after that there are the gale models that are available in at a massive 10 or even 12 inches.

If you’re going to put in among the truly significant individuals, you’re mosting likely to need to have a powerful shower mind expansion.

That’s where the High Arc can be found in. It is actually designed with a high grade of stainless steel that can easily manage the extra bodyweight of the large rainfall versions.

It will certainly extend your shower mind an extra 17 inches coming from the wall structure, and it will certainly increase it 4.7 inches. This is great for the really high or anyone that simply wants to believe that they’re showering in the middle of a jungle in the rainy season.

This model includes conventional string relationships along with US pipes, and also Purelux throws in a flange as well as plumbings tape on the house.

5. LORDEAR S-Shape 17″.

LORDEAR isn’t thinking about minimal quality components, and also’s why they’ve made use of strong brass for the downpour scalp expansion. It possesses a much longer life expectancy that stainless-steel or zinc, as well as it appears good with every style.

The S-shape 17 inch model is actually a flexible item that can easily deal with any type of shower head you ‘d just like to toss at it. It is actually a good create for rain showers, but it’s also fantastic for positioning a fixed scalp at the center of your downpour.

The all-natural S shape carries out much more than include elegance; it allows the expansion to fit large downpour head styles, including rainfalls.

Plumbing system ventures could be daunting, yet mounting this version should not be. It features in-depth directions and doesn’t require any sort of job-specific resources.

The half-inch tapered male fittings enable you to make a water-tight seal that will not water leak whatsoever.

6. Vida Alegría REACH 18″.

Every shower head expansion creates bunches of comfortable room within your downpour. Yet not many of all of them give you 18 extra inches.

This is actually the expansion for those that actually, definitely desire a glamorous shower knowledge.

The sound brass building and construction makes it possible for water to move via a piping 80 PSI, enough to feed the absolute most higher volume ofrains shower scalps. If your expansion uses a substandard metal, the water will certainly not stream at a high enough fee and the precipitations willcertainly feel a lot more like a pathetic drizzle. Certainly not exactly a dish for a soothing shower.

This product is produced completely of metal– zero plastic parts that could possibly break on you.

One terrific perk of this style: it’s adjustable. You may rear and decrease it at will to match every participant of your household. Just turn the steel dial as well as change the expansion to your wanted elevation.

This design features a no-questions inquired 3 year manufacturer’s warranty– if it gets harmed in some way they will change it at no cost.


 7. HANEBATH Brass 15″ Extension.

The black matte surface on this sturdy extension projects a powerful aesthetic. It accommodates extremely well with darker color schemes and big downpours, as well as it’s suitable for ultra contemporary style.

It features a gooseneck S-shape that lifts shower heads a complete 5.9 ins. If you possess a straight designed rains bath head, this model will be a terrificoption as a result of its own size as well as square tilted design.

As a result of the girth of this particular sturdy extension, it is demanded that you punch an one-of-a-kind hole for the wall mount. It must a minimum of 1.65 ins (43mm). 8. L-Shaped Shower Arm Extension by Exquisite.

This is actually a traditional L-shaped version that looks excellent along with just about any sort of adorning scheme and adds its very own method ofaura to any sort of shower room.

You can move your downpour scalp 12 inches off of the wall surface through this design through Exquisite. That is actually adequate room to satisfy themost extensive of precipitations shower scalps as well as create a special showering experience.

Actually, it has sufficient space for 14 in shower heads. To continue to be stable under that much weight, an extension needs to stuff plenty of durability. Superb usages excellent quality polished chrome, cleaned nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. Each of the metallics may resist the rigorous requirements ofharsh sized rainfall models.

It is actually put in by a very easy method that includes just loosening your outdated shower head, positioning the lip and tightening in the new model. No plumbers. No tools. No wreck.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I mount my shower division expansion?
A: Using stations locks, take out the aged shower arm from the outlet. Peel all of the aged teflon strip. You might wish to place the handle into the shower arm on its own when unscrewing; this approach stay away from the harm done through your hairs’ pearly whites to the flange. Right now, deal with the pipeline threads on the extension along with teflon strip.

Wrap around the water pipes at the very least three times. When this is performed, you can go ahead as well as screw the expansion in. It’s suggestedthat you cover the device along with a dustcloth while turning in order to avoid blemishes or damages. After that, loyal the teflon process with the shower head and also screw that in to the expansion.

Q: Is teflon strip the same factor as plumbing professional’s strip?
A: Yes. Teflon strip and plumbing professional’s tape are 2 various names for the same product: string seal tape.

Q: Perform I truly need to utilize teflon strip when installing my shower head expansion?
A: Yes. The tape oils the pipe strings as well as allows the threads to seat deeper than they could possibly without the strip. This quits your pipeline hookups coming from seeping. It additionally makes the uninstallation process much easier– the strip protects against the threads coming from seizing under pressure.

Q: What is actually a lip?
A: The flange is the (commonly) rounded part that rests against the shower wall as well as aids to conduct the division in location.

Q: What is actually the best common form for downpour division expansions?
A: The S-shape is one of the most typical. They can be found in one piece and also add elevation to the downpour head without putting excessive tension on the pipe.

Q: Carry out rainfall bath scalps utilize additional water than usual setups?
A: It relies. One of the most standard models along with usage a little much more than common shower scalps. Advanced versions provide morecustom-made water flow options, consisting of low consumption method that doesn’t require as much water.

Q: Why is my changeable downpour arm expansion leaking?
A: Leaks can be caused by numerous different issues. If the shower head has actually possessed a lot of adjustments created to it, it may possess happened loose as well as needs to have to be firmed up. It’s also achievable that a seal or covering has fallen apart and needs to have to be oftentended to.

Q: How do I tighten my shower scalp without ruining it?
A: Cover the shower head’s base port along with one thing soft like a cloth or even a towel. Place your wrench over the rag and after that rotate thefoundation right to firm up.

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