Sun Joe SPX3001 Review. Pressure Washer Power.

Sun Joe SPX3001 ReviewMaximum Pressure –  2030, PSI
Rated Pressure – 1450, PSI 
Motor – 1800, Watts
Pressure Washer Amperage – 14.5, amps
Power Type – Electric
Product Weight36, lbs
Cord Length – 35, ft.
Water Inlet Pressure (max) – 0.7 MPa
Water Inlet Temperature (max) – 104 degrees Farenheit
Hose Diameter1/4, in.
Detergent Tank – Included
Hose Length20, ft.
Hose Thread – 1.76
Number of Tips Included – 5
Pump Type – Wobble-Plate Piston


Sun Joe is a tool producer that stands on the bleeding edge with regards to creating dependable pressure washers. Their wide assortment of intensity washers can answer the entirety of your cleaning difficulties. In the accompanying area, we will give a legit and fair-minded Sun Joe SPX3001 review. Along these lines, we can get you through the subtleties you have to know before you choose whether you need to purchase this model. The SPX3001 SunJoe is like its SPX3000 model, with only a couple of changes that we will likewise address.


Sun Joe SPX3001 Specifications (Download Manual)

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer | 2030 PSI Max | 1.76 GPM | 14.5-Amp | Hose Reel

Above all else, we should discuss the intensity of this Sun Joe model. It packs a 14.5-amp/1800-Watt electric motor that can give up to 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM, which falls under the classification of medium-obligation pressure washers. A test was unquestionably required because even medium-obligation pressure washers can now and again shock you with their flexibility, which SunJoe maker invests wholeheartedly in. The total cleaning intensity of this unit is 3572.

The washer itself is intended to look basic and present day, with its green-hued parts and thin casing. Taking into account that it has a place with the gathering of intensity tools where everything is result-arranged, it’s a refreshment to see some development in the structure. The unit weighs around approximately 36 pounds. The lodging of the pressure washer is very convenient with its 2 plastic wheels that demonstrated useful for each kind of floor we have conveyed it over.

Presently, when we tried this pressure washer and seen it in real life, the 34-inch long augmentation wand demonstrated very useful and simple to deal with. It is appended to a 20-foot long high-pressure hose so you can cover a great deal of territory in one go. To make the unit much increasingly portable, the force string gives you 35 additional feet long. On the off chance that by any possibility you need to stop the pressurized water from turning out, SunJoe made a Total Stop System. It breaks the water stream when you let go of the handle, saving water, power and dragging out the life of the electric motor all the while. Sun-Joe-SPX3001

Sun-Joe-SPX3001 Sun-Joe-SPX3001Sun-Joe-SPX3001

We have likewise attempted to move toward a few distinct surfaces with the gave quick-connect spout augmentations (four of them being various points, and one of them being for soap washing). They showed to be very convenient, and the soap one assisted with an increasingly careful washing. Talking about soap, this model has a 40.6-oz cleanser tank, in the event that you feel that extra specialists are required other than the ordinary water pressure.

The contrast Between SPX3000 and this model lies in the hose reel on-board that empowers simpler storage. The hose reel makes this model particularly reduced, which lets you reel in the additional hose you don’t use. This gives you the choice to firmly stash the washer when you’re not utilizing it, securing the high-pressure hose meanwhile from crimps and damaging. Not any more stumbling over it and stalling out.

Guarantee Policy and Customer Support

You will get an entire 2-year guarantee on the pressure washer, with all the standard fundamental help included. The Sun Joe organization gives the entirety of the vital extra parts that you may require, so fix is never an issue. At the point when you are perusing their units on their help stage, they generally propose a line of their cleansers you can arrange with the washer, which is a well-structured alternative.

What’s in store From SPX3001?

Guarantee Policy

This pressure washer overwhelmed when we tested it with most kinds of earth, oil, greenery, oil and even some sturdier substantial stains. This model demonstrated incredible with vehicle washing, cleaning wooden yards and stairs. Occasional washing around the yard was taken care of with ease, and even floor covering washing was not an obstacle – this pressure washer radiated totally.


The greatest professionals of the SPX3001 are its portability and adaptability. For a washer that is fueled by an electric motor, this measure of intensity is outstanding amongst other you can get, and it carries out its responsibility really well. On the off chance that you have a tremendous territory to cover and clean in your yard, the versatility of this model will amaze you.


This pressure washer can’t satisfy each need that you may have, because, as referenced, it is fueled by an electric motor. It’s a private pressure washer proposed for light to some medium-obligation cleaning undertakings, yet on the off chance that you need a progressively genuine unit, you should look at our gas fueled pressure washers. The soap gadget on Sun Joe SPX3001 is somewhat strong.

Wrap Up

Despite the fact that requests shift, this model will assist you with completing any occupation around the yard. The SunJoe organization has strong suggestions, and this particular model is a well-made medium-obligation pressure washer. It is additionally genuinely moderate, while the get together is simple.

Remember that this acclaimed electric pressure washer won’t have the option to assault the hardest of stains, yet it will function admirably with infrequent and regular undertakings.

There you go, the basics of this model pressed in a concise Sun Joe SPX3001 review. We trust this aided, and, obviously, in the event that you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask in the remarks underneath.

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